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Sheepman Wheaties. Sheepman Wheaties.

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Feel free to not comment on the drawing joe. <_<

Nice choice of colours; simple but they all easily stand out from eachother. The design of the buildings in the background are pretty intricate and detailed for using so few colours. Oddly though I think my most favorite part of the piece is the grass and the natural aspect of the picture. Little blades uptop and BOOM grassy plains, genius. The character himself is nicely done and I love the pants! He does feel kinda flat however, but it's all good.

I'm having trouble figuring out where that glare is coming from though that's right in front of the character. And thing that's kinda bugging me is the dude's foot, what's up with that!?

Really smooth work overall, hope this is a sign of a comeback!

JazLyte responds:

Hahaha, it's okay, hell I've asked myself the same question. Thanks for the critique, there's actually a screen around the park he's sitting in, and he's supposed to be some sort of humanoid sheepman, hence the tail/horns/floppy ears, but I didn't have the heart to put hooves on him. Mainly because I don't think I personally would fuck a person with hooves. I'm sure many other people would though.

VinVulpis Stand Anim VinVulpis Stand Anim

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I don't envy how much time you must've spent colouring this and animating that tail. Kinda has an SNK feel to it in the way you went about it. I do like the colour scheme, purple and orange match pretty well surprisingly.

Animation wise it's smooth in some areas and just "eh" in others. The bobbing up and down and the arms move pretty swell. The tail though just looks like you went "screw it" and just drew it in, but now the flipping up and down just likes very hickey. The way the bottom of his pants move is also pretty lazy, just moving what you already made and not drawing a separate frame. I don't blame you though, since this is a huge sprite and you put a lot of colours into those pants. Also, I can see the pants colour outside of the outline alot.

Still, it's kewl overall, just some things here and there that could be fixed up. Good luck on your game, hope you don't get too burned out.

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VinVulpis responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I actually was planing on going back and changing a few things about this animation. It was one of the first I did for the project, and yeah, one thing is that I used too many colors. It causes some palette issues and I'm also aware that a few pixels flicker around the edges.

I'll be going back over this character and reducing each of his colors to about 5 tones/values like I do with most of my work now. Then the work is easily redrawn per-frame. Then go over them and do some post-lighting/shading work on them which is something I experimented a little bit with on this character.

Seriously though, thanks for the feedback!

Suffer For Fashion Suffer For Fashion

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Simple and nice!

I like the colouring and the shading, it's very cartoony and works really nicely. Their individual designs also make them stand out from eachother fairly well. The blonde one seems to contrast her outfit though, looks very jittery for a her(his?) bleaker looking outfit.

I think my only problem is the middle girls eyes. I'm not sure what it is, but for some reason she looks slightly creepy. I think maybe it's the black outline on the bottom of her eye is a little too thick and makes her look a little..... weirdish. Not sure, maybe it's just me.

Nice work, lets see more of these kids!

Eyeball Tree Helix Eyeball Tree Helix

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Those black lines, ARGH!

That's the only thing that's really bugging me right now is the pure black outline for the tree part of the... weird... looking, thingy. I think it would've been sweet if the outline was simply a dark shade of green and pale-ish brown, would've blended nicely. But alas.

Other than that, the leaves look like they were painful to draw and the roots and twist and turns of the trees look very natural and creepy. I'm just not sure what it's on and is that a ladies room symbol at the bottom?

Nice work, but man, that outline....

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Phobotech responds:

The black outline I incorporate into everything I draw, it comes from years and years growing up reading comic books...admittedly I should try a style that doesn't do that. Take from Samurai Jack and the likes, outlining things in the hue they would be outlined. Thanks for that observation!

The leaves were a pain in the ass to draw, but every time before this very drawing, I would draw the leaves of trees as one solid amoebic shape. It felt satisfying as I finished each leaf, because it really gave it the mass and detail I was trying to practice for. In short: difficult, but totally worth it.

The trunk and roots look creepy? Awesome!

and Ladies room symbol? How the hell?...It's a "G" because my name's Geoff Galt. Just a simple, arrow-like "<-" G

Thanks very much for the review!

RPG Maker 2k Poster RPG Maker 2k Poster

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


The most badass main character for an RPG EVUR!!