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Hahah, very clean and smooth. Aria or Sign from Susumu Hirasawa would've fitted a lot better, but this song is classic silliness. I also would've liked it if you diverge a little bit from the original opening and did your own thing, but it was more or less mostly the same with DSII references instead. Still the animation was smooth and colouring was real nice. Have fun with the Lets Plays.

Oh man, where to begin. First, hey congratulation on making a series that's gone to 18 episodes, not too many people make it this far. Looking at the reception you've gotten so far, your fans are definitely pleased at where the series is going. Can't say the same, never having watched any of this before. Judging this on it's own merit however, there are many things dragging it down as a movie.

First, man, that writing. I'm really glad you're trying to tell a serious story with loads of characters and sub plots and what not. Nice change of pace from most sprite movies. But man, the writing is so awkward and poorly paced. If you honestly read the script out loud I'm sure you'll realize that no one talks like how these kids are. You keep jumping around from awkward scene to awkward scene like mad and I'm always trying to wonder what the point of what I just saw was. "I'm trying to find my boyfriend." "Isn't that like stalking?" "I have nothing else to do in my life." "Thanks for saving me." "I'm immortal." "???"
If you were trying to establish character motive I suppose you succeeded, in a very quick and slipshod way. People have tendencies of pointing out the obvious, or just plain out saying something that had no bearing on what just happened. The Slime is a great example of him unnecessarily explaining in complete detail what was happening and odd dialogue. And then when people are fighting, holy crap do they talk a lot. Shouldn't they be more focused on beating their opponent than explaining all of their attacks? And I keep trying to take the characters and story seriously, but then they start talking about "trolling" and "playstation games." After awhile, it just got painful trying to get through the movie and then it just suddenly ended on the most random moment to a black screen. No credits or anything, just bam. Done.

So every character is an edit of a Sonic character, that's okay. Atleast you're trying to establish your own characters instead of just straight using a preexisting character. The problem is they all nearly look exactly the same, aside from a few recolours and a scrap of clothing. And there are a lot of characters and aside from a select few, most of them had no distinctive personality, only furthering my difficulty of trying to figure out who is who. We have the shonen action main character, dark brooding guy, whacky impressionable little kid, mysterious magical girl, a cute little mascot, and then a bunch of mooks rounding out the ranks.

Other than that the animation was okay, a little too much negative space for the scenes where there were few characters and more than half the screen was nothing. Could probably just make the dimensions smaller to fix that or zoom in more so there's something on the screen. Nice choice of backgrounds you used, most I've never seen before. The fight scenes worked for the most part, aside from all the talking I mentioned before and how quickly everything happens. Not sure how the boat flipped upside down and the characters outside managed to not fall off however.

Music was an interesting choice, lot of lyrical songs that were really amped up and exciting. Though for the most part the scenes they were used in weren't that exciting. Kept changing a little too much me thinks and with no smooth transition. DBZ sound effects was DBZ sound effects. I guess if you're gonna make a Sonic Sprite movie it's mandatory to use DBZ crap. You used it a little more subtly than most Flashes though.

Well, I'm sure I said enough negative things by now. My man, get someone to proofread your scripts before you start the next episode or just read it out loud. It's obvious you really need to do some more editing on your scripts before you submit a movie, maybe go through a couple of drafts? If you're trying to tell a serious story, it's not gonna work if I don't take the characters seriously.

Keep working at it and I hope you'll make me eat my words someday.

Arnas responds:

Thanks for the long response. I figured I would reply to this since you took the time to write this.

Sonic Syythe World is a comedy, so I wouldn't really call it a serious story myself.

I've had over 20 testers test this and no one said anything odd about the script. Perhaps because they have been there since episode 1 and adapted to the style of the series, or they are familiar with the characters weird personalities.

The talking too much and explaining in detail is what happens in Naruto, actually. My older episodes don't have so much talking in fights as much as this one. So this is the odd one out episode that does have talking in fights.

Anyway, thanks for taking your time to write such a long and constructed review. In the future, I'll try to pay closer attention to how I write my script. I'll ask my testers to pay closer attention to this too.

Glad I'm not the only one who drew a comparison with everything they had the Governor do to side quests in an RPG or something.

The animation could be a bit smoother and use some refinement however, doesn't really move like a video game. But you got the basic idea across. Nice stuff.

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This Game Plagued my Thoughts as I was In Bed

Which I found as a good enough reason to give you a thorough review. First, I love the mood and tone the game gives off; a mystifying yet eerie feeling that is help amplified by the the (song?/ambiance?) and the sound effects in general. As well as the simple pixelated style and the minimum colour palette that you made work very well. Mixed with the story segments I was getting a sort of Grimm Fairytale mood, which is awesome!

The story itself however, which seems you made one of the most important aspects of the game, was interesting at first but got a little humdrum as it went on. It was cool how the story segment matched the stages, but I feel like you forced yourself to write something that would more fit a playable stage than on the story itself. The girl's sudden decision to make her big change felt like it came out of nowhere. Still, very well done presentation.

The game itself is fun of course. Like your style choice it appears to be such a simple idea, but you made it work very well with how you presented it. Every time I finished a stage I would go "oohhhh" seeing how it matched the text that just appeared. It made the accomplishment feeling all the better and made me eager to see how the next stage would tie in. Like others had said, I was having a decent time with the puzzles doing most of the puzzles in minimal or near minimal clicks when all of a sudden things got face palming hard! Which is why I continued to think about this game while I laid in bed; trying to figure quicker ways I could've finished that puzzle.

I was able to figure out some of the tougher puzzles eventually, but some of them I just gave up and clicked randomly until I realized I was coming close to a solution. But maybe you did this as in part as a time waster/mobile game, which it would do very well at if I found myself with this game while waiting to hear my name called. Still, the difficultly spike could've been mended if not slowly transitioned to from the casual difficulty a little better.

Alas, very original and amusing game! You got me with the original presentation and general feel of the game. Writing could use some editing and improvements, but hey, it does what needs to be done. If I find myself owning a Android or Iphone I'll definitely be picking this up!

I just want to let everyone know

The bonus end picture for hard mode isn't worth the 20 minutes of random clicking you're gonna have to do.

Other than that, decent fun, I always liked playing these games on those touch screen games that have at arcades and such.

I know what you're trying to go for, but...

A simple mindless web game while I'm waiting for my porn to load, but there's a little too many faults here that makes me rather choose Desktop Dungeon than this game for a porn loader. Like everyone said, it's pretty difficult, but personally I like difficult games. However your game isn't justifiably hard rather it's frustrating. Often times I found myself thinking for sure getting the shot when the critter spun and I missed. I understand the hitboxes are as big as the critters, but that doesn't help when they all continually move at a parallel speed and spin forever. What would've been interesting is if your team animated the critters running up, stop for a bit and scratch their head, and then run again. Make it more life like, then I would be fine if I missed the shot and missed the perfect opportunity for a kill.

Graphics were fine, nothing special. I think you guys missed an opportunity to make the creatures diabetes inducing cute, but they're fine as they are. The (yard?) during the game however looks very bland. Music was nice, a little too house-ey for a natural game in my opinion, but it's all good. Like others have said, Sound Effects would've brought this to life, gun fire, creatures squeaking, a satisfying screech when you get 'em.

I can definitely see where you wanted to go with this, but even if you were going for a simple and easy game, doesn't mean you can take it easy on the development process. I think some more thought during the planning stages would've made things vastly different. If its a simple addictive game you're going for, I think it's gonna take a lot more work than you would think. Till then.

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Ah shoester. Someday I hope to hear a happy go lucky song from you. That old relationship really stuck with you it seems and I'm glad it inspired so many great pieces that were likely influenced by those old emotions. But man, I sincerely hope you'll find a new and better flame someday that sparks more positive emotions!

Anyway, great and smooth singing as always, really enjoyed the harmonies in the chorus. Felt there could've been some kind of percussion maybe, just a simple rhythm to back up the ukulele, but it's solid. It was still a nice playing, though all ukuleles sound the same to me. Keep it up and looking forward to that full album!

Freaking love it! Definitely feels a little like Mumford and Sons, which is in no way a bad thing. Very catchy and bouncy song that's hard not to get excited with. Something about that banjo man, makes the saddest song fun. Great stuff man.

Awesome stuff! From that new album your working on?

Gotta say the instrumental, despite having a simple beat, is a lot smoother and nicely put together compared to your older work. The transitions from the verses to the chorus is really clean. The layering of vocals are really cool too. I'm just thinking maybe your vocals could've used a little more special effectey, maybe a slight reverb?

Either way, great stuff as always. Looking forward to hearing what you've been cooking.

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Feel free to not comment on the drawing joe. <_<

Nice choice of colours; simple but they all easily stand out from eachother. The design of the buildings in the background are pretty intricate and detailed for using so few colours. Oddly though I think my most favorite part of the piece is the grass and the natural aspect of the picture. Little blades uptop and BOOM grassy plains, genius. The character himself is nicely done and I love the pants! He does feel kinda flat however, but it's all good.

I'm having trouble figuring out where that glare is coming from though that's right in front of the character. And thing that's kinda bugging me is the dude's foot, what's up with that!?

Really smooth work overall, hope this is a sign of a comeback!

JazLyte responds:

Hahaha, it's okay, hell I've asked myself the same question. Thanks for the critique, there's actually a screen around the park he's sitting in, and he's supposed to be some sort of humanoid sheepman, hence the tail/horns/floppy ears, but I didn't have the heart to put hooves on him. Mainly because I don't think I personally would fuck a person with hooves. I'm sure many other people would though.

I don't envy how much time you must've spent colouring this and animating that tail. Kinda has an SNK feel to it in the way you went about it. I do like the colour scheme, purple and orange match pretty well surprisingly.

Animation wise it's smooth in some areas and just "eh" in others. The bobbing up and down and the arms move pretty swell. The tail though just looks like you went "screw it" and just drew it in, but now the flipping up and down just likes very hickey. The way the bottom of his pants move is also pretty lazy, just moving what you already made and not drawing a separate frame. I don't blame you though, since this is a huge sprite and you put a lot of colours into those pants. Also, I can see the pants colour outside of the outline alot.

Still, it's kewl overall, just some things here and there that could be fixed up. Good luck on your game, hope you don't get too burned out.

VinVulpis responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I actually was planing on going back and changing a few things about this animation. It was one of the first I did for the project, and yeah, one thing is that I used too many colors. It causes some palette issues and I'm also aware that a few pixels flicker around the edges.

I'll be going back over this character and reducing each of his colors to about 5 tones/values like I do with most of my work now. Then the work is easily redrawn per-frame. Then go over them and do some post-lighting/shading work on them which is something I experimented a little bit with on this character.

Seriously though, thanks for the feedback!

Simple and nice!

I like the colouring and the shading, it's very cartoony and works really nicely. Their individual designs also make them stand out from eachother fairly well. The blonde one seems to contrast her outfit though, looks very jittery for a her(his?) bleaker looking outfit.

I think my only problem is the middle girls eyes. I'm not sure what it is, but for some reason she looks slightly creepy. I think maybe it's the black outline on the bottom of her eye is a little too thick and makes her look a little..... weirdish. Not sure, maybe it's just me.

Nice work, lets see more of these kids!

Soft breeze is tickling me~ I can't stand being alone anymore ~

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